What's it all about?

TWO YEARS ago Andy and I (The RageDizzer) decided we hated music. Or rather that we hated media and music, or maybe it was that we hated played music? Either way we had spent far too many hours watching "Behind the Music" and decided we wanted our own episode. Unfortunately you have to be famous and make music to have a "Behind the Music" episode.

ANDY OWNED a 303, and a 404 and a Mac, I owned turntables, records and um... I was just crazy and wanted something to do. So we hooked up. Down into the basement of Andy' s parents house we went where our creative juices began to flow, only to be cocked blocked by the fact we had no recording knowledge or equipment, and worse no music. Equipment could be had, with wicked hustling skills some favors and a good "fence" we scored some stuff to record with.

MUSIC. Music was our biggest issue. We both loved every form of electronica there is. Though we grew up in Walla Walla we spent our early high school trading Utah Saints, Radio Active Gold fish, Psychotronic, and the KLF, to name a few. I would take off to stay with my parents during the summer, and hit every Rave Seattle offered. While Andy sat home learning how to draw real well and listened to my mix tapes I would send back. But when we asked ourselves what we wanted to make Andy and I had to ponder on who we liked.

OUR CONVERSATION went some thing like this... "How about...." "No they suck, I hate them... Well how about.... No I hate them... Maybe... no they suck too..." In fact the only thin g we could agree on was that in order to make money being a Rockstar you had to take your self so seriously that it would annoy people like us... Doom.

LEAD US TO realize that musicians and Rockstars (there is a difference) all take themselves too seriously. That is why they destroyed Napster, that is also why there was the KLF. IN the ancient words of the lords of Mu, we finally found understanding. Though they had been shelved by us for years simply as shinning moment in techno culture history, we had never understood their message until we ourselves sat down to make music. It was then, that we figured out where we belonged.

CHOAS! What is sacred creates institutions. This is true in all walks of life, music is no rebel it is formulated and has been since the original formulas were written. These formulas are best displayed by bands no longer considered pop because though the formula was used it is hidden well by the bands masterful skill. And example of two great bands releasing two great records in our history is The Beatles and The Beachboys. Brian Wilson is a great song writer and before there was "Sgt Pepper's" There was Pet Sounds, a record that in many way pays homage to Phil Specters "Wall of Sound" Pet sounds used layering the rivals most computer generated production today, even Norman Cook must take a bow to the intense layers of sounds found on this simple yet non-confirming milestone record. However the record did not do right by the fans. Why? Well the record was non formulated, Wilson attempted to bring intelligent music to the masses. And the masses shunned it. However it broke ground. As the legendary story goes, Paul and Jon were at pre-release party and heard the record. The two also being masterful song writers instantly recognized what Wilson was trying to accomplish and left the party early to begin Sgt.Peppers, a record that is arguably the best studio production ever.

WHY THE SUCCESS, for Pepper's and not Sounds? Well Jon and Paul, did something Wilson refused to do, they wrote there songs according to the formula. And people recognized the songs.

WITH THE FORMULA, you can arguably say that every top ten single that has come out for at least the past fifty years has been by all rights the SAME SONG. You can learn more about this from reading the KLF book, The Manual http://www.instrumentality.com/themanual.html.

WHAT does Brian Wilson, Paul and Jon.. and Norman Cook, got to do with AT Kommand? Nothing. We like the evil formula. We plan to use it once we figure it out.

NOW? now that I have lead you off the point I will bring you back. We wanted to make music. But we hate most music because it is shoved down our pants, which may seem fun, but in a weird way feels dirty. So we decided to do the right thing and shove our hands down the Rock Stars pants and play about. We decided we would DESTROY MUSIC!!!

POP. Pop would become our enemy, we would treat it nice, play with it a bit, then destroy it. Nothing would be safe. And why? Because it was already abused when it was sold to you for $14.95 so we figure that anything worth money is booty, and we were pirates. Pirates of music. Betrayed as ravers by society we would take all that society cherished; all the Beattles, Elvis, and even Nirvana, would become our play things. With no fear, and nothing to loose we would attack.

BORN INTO MUSIC AND CHOAS, we will fight bring change and force the industry to find something new. We would make dogs out of their superman, and treat them like dirt remind them that they are the same as their fans, and that betrayal goes both ways.

...WE ACCEPT the fact that we may never be famous. We accept the fact that no one may ever hear us. But we stride to not be the band that changed music and became king, rather to be the band that inspired such a band.

NOTHING, no law, no copyright, no industry leader who blames music current failure on Napster and computers rather then on talent less shit, will stand in our way. Our only enemy in this quest of musical destruction and piracy is us... Cause deep inside we are two guys from Walla Walla who play sci-fi role-play games.