So this is what MY knife looked like before i rehandled it..
this isnt my sheath but loved the look of it..

Below is a kid who made his own sheath for a similar knife but a minor shape difference in the blade.. his sheath is remarkable. i"d love something just like it..

Default Leather Sheath for the Cold Steel Kukri made by Gooser

Finally finished this sheath tonight. I must have put in 7-8 hours into this thing. A few shots in the making-

The edges ready to be glued down. To make the wedge I just used a compass and ran the needle across the blade, drawing a perfectly spaced wedge on my template. The rings are for securing it to your leg.

Since I was using pre-dyed leather scrap, I used a brown fabric dye pen with a chisel point and ran the length of the stitch after I grooved it out.

To make the holes I use a hand drill and a small finishing nail that I polished up a bit. I drilled each stitch set one at a time. When I sewed it, I pushed the awl through about 5 holes at a time, then repeated that when those 5 holes were stitched.

And here is the finished product-

This is a pocket I sewn in for a small file. I rounded the tip so I didnt gouge up the leather sliding it into the pocket. At the end I simply put on some shrink tubing.

The belt loop.