Star Wars d20:  Vit check on contact else Dmg/ interval till Treat Injury Check is made successfully.

ADnD 2nd: Save vs. Poison else Dmg or Effect for (ie. 2d6 rounds).

d20: Vit Check, if you fail then you receive the Initial Damage (3 hp).. one minute later you make another Vit Check, failure = 2ndary damage (-5 dex)

d20 carrion crawler = Vit Check, on failure Paralysed for 2d6 rds..

Current Roadkill rules: dmg/interval for set # of intervals (vit check each interval to save against dmg)


:::So how do you?:::

MAke a poison that is fast acting, attacks agi (like paralysis poison) but has a lasting effect? 1 agi/ round for (X-vit )rds each agi takes 10minutes to come back. ie. you loose 3 agi then