Character Creation

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1. Attributes

Attributes represent the physical and mental make up of your character.

Everything is based on a 1-10 scale in this game. So, they can range from 1-10. No higher , no less.(At the beginning)

The average Joe attribute being 5.

The human body is a complex set of different systems that work in combination to create what we understand as reality. But we can simplify this for gameplay by making a very broad generalization as to which attribute would be the dominant one at that moment.

For Roadkill, we broke it down to 5 primary Attributes. They are the first item needed for creating a character. 30 points divided between them as you see fit. To test your own Strength, or Agilty, Intellegence, even your Vitality or Will Power, we do this in game with a simple D10 roll. If you roll equal to or over the Target number (From 1-20, based on how difficult the challenge is for Average Joe) you succeed.

Each attribute if over (or under) average may add (or subtract) a modifier to the roll to reflect your enhanced abilty, conversely a low attribute may hinder you during a test of an attribute.

[ ie. If ren is trying to kick in a Badly (DC7) stuck door, he needs to beat a 7 target number on a D10. Luckily with an 8 Strength, Ren is granted a +1 to his roll. If he now rolls a 6 or better he'll get that door open!

Value 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10
Bonus -2 -1 N/A +1 +2
Your physical ability to move your surroundings. Pushing, Pulling..Ex. Strength modifiers are applied to tests of strength, like trying to pull oneself up, kicking a stuck door loose, or even to add to damage done on a successful hit, they also apply to adjusting distance when throwing an item. It takes strength to wield a weapon with any proficiency. And your character can only carry 10lbs for each strength point he has before being overencumbered, every 10lbs beyond this number reduces his working strength by 1.
Your reflexes. Your Hand & Eye coordination. Modifiers are applied to Attack rolls, Dodge rolls, Thrown Weapons, catching, tumbling, and regaining balance. Some armor can affect one's agilty while wearing etc.
This attribute determines your smarts. How well you percieve the world and how quick you react. Your intellegence serves as your awareness and adjusts your initiative. and helps when learning new things. How much you've gleened from your past is dependant on your Intellegence.
This attribute represents your life force. How well you take a beating, and how long you can sustain the beating untill you take a dirtnap. Once your Vitality reaches 0 you are now Dying. Health checks may be made for things like radiation, poison, disease, system shock..etc.
Will Power
Your WP is your sanity, it determines your breaking point. Some huge guy with a shotgun in your nose, a wiry guy at the bar talkin bout yer mom, having your friend test his new Hurtz 10,000v taster on you, or just hard-times reduce WP. Once it hits 0, you usually fall unconcious. Some lucky few cry, run, or even snap into Beserker Rage(shnikity shnackity Snarl!)

Remeber ALL weapons have minimum attribute scores needed to be wielded, the bigger or more complex the weapon the more needed to use it.

2. Skills

During play there will come the time to see if your skill can accomplish what you are trying to do. The GM chooses a Target number (aka the T#), you roll a d10 adding any bonuses from the Skill you are using, and the Attribute most appropriate for the situation, and if you beat the T# you succeed. If the story calls for another attribute then what is listed in the sample use what is most appropriate at that moment. (ex. Average Joe tries climbing an Average[T#5] tree, he rolls a 6 (add +1 for everytime he purchased the Climbing skill.)= Success! If he rolled a 4 = Looks like he is finding another way up.

The harder the skill, the more difficult the T#. (ie. computer programming vs rock climbing) The scale of Difficulty should be modified to include the understanding that more difficult skills to learn have harder T# not higher cost.

Difficulty Examples
Difficulty (#) Example (Skill Used)
Very easy (0) Notice something large in plain sight (Awareness)
Easy (3) Climb a knotted rope (Climb)
Average (6) Hear an approaching guard (Awareness)
Tough (9) Rig a wagon wheel to fall off (Jerryrig)
Difficult (12) Swim in stormy water (Swim)
Tremendous (15) Open an electrical lock (Lock Picking)
Heroic (18) Leap across a 30-foot chasm (Jump)
Ludicrous (20+) Track a man across hard ground after 24 hours of rainfall (People Tracking)

The skills you begin the game knowing well is determined by your Int. During character creation you have 100XP for each Intellegence point. This represents how much you've learned as you grew to the age you are now. Each skill costs 100xp to learn how to do it better, and better. When you purchase a skill with XP you gain a +1 when you roll to use it. Everytime you "buy" a skill you get another +1 bonus to use it.

  • Strength Based Skills
    • Climbing The activity of using one's hands and/or one's feet to ascend a steep object
    • Jumping Standing or running
    • Swimming* If you dont got it.. ya cant do it. Most people cant.
  • Agility Based Skills
    • Hand to Hand Fighting (Can apply bonus to Attack OR Defense)
      • Boxing Hand to hand unarmed Pugilism
      • Brawling Street fighting, ass kicking, bar fighting, chairthrowing, etc.
      • Martial Arts* Karate, Aikido, Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do, etc.
      • Wrestling Ground Combat ie Sport Wrestling, Judo, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, etc.
    • Melee Weapons (Can apply bonus to Attack OR Defense)
      • Clubs baseball bats, tonfas, boomsticks, batons, pipes, etc.
      • Flails Nunchucka's, soap on a rope, footman's flails, etc.
      • Knives Switchblades, Lockbacks, folding, nonfolding, single handed edged weapons.
      • Pikes/Spears Spears, Knives duct taped to sticks, Naganata, lances, etc.
      • Swords Broadswords, Katanas, Machetes, etc.
      • ...Etc. Something that may not fit into these catagories
    • Missile Weapons
      • Archery: Bows, slingshots, blowguns, etc. [pick one]
      • Energy Weapons Laser Guns, EMP weaponry, Plasma cannons, etc.
      • Explosives Understanding proper deployment and effects of explosive devices
      • Heavy Guns Gatlings, howlitzers, miniguns, Rocket Launchers, etc.
      • Machine Guns The understanding of using fully automatic firearms.
      • Small guns Firing small caliber firearms
      • Thrown Bola's, shepherd slings, boomarangs, rocks, grenades, etc.
    • Driving Abilty to operate and maintain a specific Landbased Vehicle.
    • Escape Loosen Binds, Contortion, Undoing Knots.
    • Gymnastics ie Tumbling, Acrobatics, breakfalls, somersaults, flips, etc.(Can apply bonus to Defense)
    • Stealth Sneak, Hide in shadows, move quietly, etc.**
    • Ride Abilty to use an animal for transportation, and stay on.
    • Quickdraw Rapid deployment of a holstered or sheathed weapon
  • Intellegence Based Skills
    • Add Language* Speak japanese, or spanish, also to gain Literacy.
    • Animal Handling Abilty to calm, train and care for a specific type of animal. [pick one]
    • Boobytraps Make or disable mechanisms that catch, maim or kill living things.
    • Chems* Brewing/Distillation, Water purifying, pharmecutical creation, and other chemical and biological sciences.
    • Crafts: The Knowin of Makin Things
      • Bullet Reloading* reloading bullet cartridges to be fired again
      • Carpentry ie woodworking jobs building houses, cabinetry, joinery, etc.
      • Cooking Prepare and cook various dishes.
      • LeatherWorking Skinning, Tanning, manipulating and tailoring goods from Leather.
      • Metalworking* Welding, bending and forging metal into desired function.
      • Stoneworking Abilty to work Stone and conrete and mortar into walls or other usefull stone things.
      • Sewing Abilty to cut, shape, form and bind leather and Fabrics into desired form.
    • Etiquette diplomacy with different social circles.
    • Gambling increases odds in Cards, Dice, other games of chance.
    • Herbalism Understanding the cycles, reproduction, cultivation, and uses of plants.
    • Jimmyrig Improvised repair and craft using only the materials on hand.*requires Parts(Mech repair, Tronic repair, gun repair and lockpicking..)
    • Lore* The knowin of tales and how things came to be, be it local, prewar, or foreign, etc. [pick one]
    • Medicine care for an illness or injury, Pharmacuticals, Surgery, Radiation and disease care..
    • Navigation Cartography Direction Sense Abilty to find true north by use of stars, maps, natural surroundings.
    • Pilot* Abilty to operate and maintain a specific Air or Water Vehicle.
    • Scrounge Find valuble goods, people, or anything within ruins and rubble or elsewhere.
    • Security Patrolling, monitoring, camera system use, perimeter checks, Breaking and Entering, Lockpicking, Safe Cracking.. etc.
    • Survival Knowhow of procuring food, fire, water and shelter in the wasteland, as well as understanding of moving through radiated, or devastation areas.
    • Tronics* Understanding and Use of electronic circuitry, computers, radios, and things that use electricity..
  • Vitality Based Skills
  • Will Power Based Skills
    • Fastalkin Con Artistry, Haggle, price adjust, winge.
    • Intimidation ie Bullying, interogating, etc.
    • Oracle Reading* ie. Bone Throwing, Tarot, Scrying, Tea Reading, etc.
    • Perform Abilty to entertain. ie. Painting, Singing, Juggling, Guitar, Flute.. etc. [pick one]

    *Oldworld Skill, needs to be taught by someone with at least +5 in the skill to learn.


There are many parts (ram chip, nails, duct tape, gauze, wire, etc.) abundant in the world. But for ease of play these can be broken down into one simple term, Parts. These are all consumable goods that can be bartered for or scrounged. (Not to mention easier to write than a list of junk.) These "Parts" are used when attempting a skill that requires them (As noted in the Skill List)

Before attempting the Skill you will need to make a Parts Check to make sure you have the right Parts for the task. To make a Parts Check, you need at least the number of parts needed to accomplish the task. Roll a d10, and add the number of Parts you have on hand. If you roll higher than twice the number of Needed Parts, you have the proper Parts for the task. If you fail the Parts Check, you may try again once you have gained at least one additional part.

Once you Succeed the Parts Check, you may then begin the task at hand, rolling your appropriate Skill check. The T# number of the Skill Check is the Number of Parts Required. The harder the task, the more Parts are required to succeed. Succeeding with the Skill Check not only accomplishes the goal but expends the amount of needed Parts on the job. Failing a Skill Check still expends HALF the amount of needed Parts. (On a side note, for ease of gameplay, one Part weighs 1 Pound, and is worth 1 Barter Unit.)


A skill used for hiding, sneaking and stealing.. etc. The character rolls to hide, adding any bonuses from Stealth, then the people looking for him roll adding any bonuses granted from a high or low intellegence, then if the people roll higher than the stealth roll, they spot the sneaky bastard. Ren has Stealth, and rolls to hide himself. He rolls a 6 with no bonuses. There are two gaurdsmen in the area looking for him, they each roll to see him. One has a +2 from intellegence, the other doesn't. The first rolls a 3(+2)=5! nothing! Doesn't see Ren. Though the other guard see's him after rolling a natural 8... Look out Ren!


Your experience along your life will come back to you. The GM decides when & how much you receive based upon what you've accomplished. Similar to during character creation, you can purchase Skills to reflect that you learn from experience. Everytime you purchase a skill you gain a +1 to use it. If you already have the skill at a +1, purchasing it again grants you a +2 now when you roll to use it..etc. You can also use 1000xp to increase an Attribute point by +1.


3. Perks

This is the one thing in your life which sets you apart from all the other bastards who have survived this long. Your uniqueness. Some have tremendous impact on your beginning, others play a role far into your future. But, be wary each has it's downside along it's goodside.
Any average Joe has certain limitations. With a resistance you aren't afflicted by these hindrences. Be it resisting thirst, sleep, cold, heat, or Radiation. Your limits may be strong in some areas, yet weak in others.
Sometimes it seems like everything just goes your way. Everything. Just remember, every action has an equal & oppisite reaction. You just tend to live life from one end of the luck spectrum to the other.. No inbetween for you.
When your around things just don't go the way people plan, seems like nothing can happen right in your fact everything's downright fucked up. But, it's not just against your allies...*grin*.
The "spacedust" that was in the air did something extra to you, inflicting your body with a change for life. Maybe you have gills, or covered by a calcium hardened exoskeleton. To bad the rest of society fears you, and thinks of you as a freak.
Light Sleeper
Sleep is something you need little of. 3 Hours, maybe 4, a nap is a good nights sleep to you. But after a while it comes back at ya. It could be anywhere, & when your out, your out for a long time.
Billy Goat
You can find nutrition an anything, even an old tire. Your stomach has grown acustomed to rank food. Watch out when you do get real food in you, you could get real sick. Ever seen a kid O.D. on candy?
You put a hyper-active speed addict to shame, and this is your natural state. You've always got the first draw, the timely upper hand. Sometimes it's too quick.
Slow Bleeder
A cut doesn't phase you, you could lop off an arm & only be mildy concerned. Bloodloss is very low. Your blood moves alot slower than us, so poison, disease, even alchohal could take days getting through you.
Fearless/Iron Will
Your determination keeps you going strong, you'll press on further than most. You might go too far for your own good.
Where most would piss themselves you stand firm. They may just be callow or maybe they're smart...
You got a way with people, don't ya? Seems like everyone you meet takes notice of you. Your the kinda face that sticks in someones mind. Let's just hope their on your side.
Evasive Maneuver
You can move your body in ways that would make Jackie Chan envy you. Jump from a moving vehicle, through an open window, and roll to a stop without a scratch. Yet like him, when you do get hurt, it's badly.
You are one of the lucky that when reduced to a 0 Will Power you dont just pass out you whips you into a beserker rage. You binge on a violence spree. No soul will be left standing. Let's just hope no body you care for is around...once you snap your actions are completely irrational (& up to the GM).
Road Rage
Born with the wheel in your hand, you were meant to drive. Flip the car 3 times & land it on it's wheels, and still able to drive away. Easy.
When you started out into the world you had a lotta stuff. You were quite the pack rat. It doesn't stay around forever though.
Maybe a gift from your dying father, or something you came across scrounging for food, you began your journey with something that people envy you for.
Somehow you retained a precious heirloom from the old world, maybe an R.V., a bombshelter, or that abaondoned bank that survived. It's yours, for now.
"Hey man!, I know you, yeah, your that guy who..." People know you. Be it from the old world or from after the aftermath. Who you are, or what you've done made you kinda famous. But fame sometimes doesn't atract just good attention.
Fast Healer
You heal alot quicker than the rest, problem is if you don't set it right before it does... it could heal wrong; bones not set, scars from gaping wounds not stitched.