This coming weekend i've been slated to join a group up in the woods near Mt. Rainer for a Medieval themed camping trip. I was told that i must dress period appropriate, yet I wanted to maintain a warm approach to the outdoors :)

Using an old grey wool blanket and a charcoal black wool jacket, i set of to make a tunic with a hood and mantle, much like an Anorak. -

First I began by chopping up the coat ditching the lower portion and the sleeves.. i only wanted the mantle.

Which left me with this cool collered "mantle"..

Using the left over sleeves and back pieces of the Wool jacket, I constructed the Hood.

Once the hood was attached to the mantle, it already felt like it was coming together!

From here i started the tunic. Couple nips for the shoulders and head hole.. then made sleeves and used excess charcoal remnants as trim.

Once the sleeves were attached the tunic looked like this.. NOT BAD.

Add the mantle.. which a few quick zips through the machine to hold it in place.. and WHALLLA!