Coats Menagerie

I have way too many coats.. not flannels, and sweaters and hoodies.. i mean coats.

coat01.jpg coat02a.jpg coat03.jpg coat04.jpg
Dads old cut over the top of coat #16 Snow jacket that went missing for 8 years then turned up in Libbies closet ?? $2 Gas station Jacket.. "hi, may name is Pirate" Rain coat
coat05a.jpg coat06.jpg coat07.jpg coat08.jpg
German Holocaust Jacket [Winter Edition] Lost + Found Special, winter liner? German Raincoat [Rubber Lining] Black Anorak - for covert night missions.
coat09.jpg coat10.jpg coat11.jpg coat12.jpg coat13.jpg
Nike Hip Hop Jacket (another Lost + found special) Snowboard Jacket 2.0 Xtreme Edition SnowBoard Jacket 1.0 Black Trench [Columbine Edition] Black Leather Biker Jacket [50's Greaser version]
coat14.jpg coat15.jpg coat16.jpg coat17.jpg
Brown Soft Leather Jacket Black Soft Leather Jacket Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Shoulder & Elbow Pads Blacket Leather Cafe Racer Jacket [Logan Edition]

Last updated: 10/4/08