Projekt: Garage

The Garage was the bane of the house, the insurance Co. was relentless.. it was my quest to rebuild.

garage06.JPG garage09.JPG garage10.JPG garage12.JPG garage13.JPG
What once was ratty.. grungy.. I started to rebuild. The crew arrived early to help... They couldnt reach to hand me supplies
garage15.JPG garage18.JPG garage29.JPG garage30.JPG garage20.JPG
Hot.. thirsty.. mom helped by painting my windows.. Now, it looks great.
garage21.JPG garage23.JPG garage24.JPG garage25.JPG garage26.JPG
The car. The house. Where all my $$ went.. narnia: or my yard.. i cant tell The house from behind. My creek

Last updated: 5/24/06