The entire journey there was a trip in itself.

I rolled into Spokane Sunday to hang with Aaron and Kelsi before my morning flight. We talked and found a great Indian place for food.

Monday morning came so early..
Zipped thruTSA . Bag searched. Crotch searched. And now I wait like 2 hours for the flight... nothing efficient about the way we travel. Amanda met me in the airport and we sat together for an hour waiting to board.

Salt lake was easy I grabbed a burger (shake shack) while amanda got a massage. I had no idea the next flight, which was 10 hours, not only had dinner, But breaky too. All the Delta flights had cool tablets built into the seat in front of you with a network based library of music movies and TV shows. I find out I hadn't seen scream 5 until I was halfway thru scream 6. I watched snips and chunks of a lot. They had tons of old and new.

Paris airport was cold as hell and only one option for snacks.. but by then I was exhausted and wanted more to sleep than anything. Found a giant cat to nap with.

We landed in marrakech right as scheduled.. customs was dumb as I was following an arrogant family of French that acted like they were the only people in the airport. The driver who gave us a fun broken English tour of town all the way to meet our friends at the hotel.. All along the way I leered out the window at anything that I could see. There were carts pulled by donkey, mingled with so many taxis, scooters, motorcycles with truckbeds?! And so many people wandering the streets, many of which wore these long hooded robes.. Like Wizards! The streets were infested with wizards, I had to get me a wizard robe while i was here. Hunter and Erin arrived just before dinner. The palace mansion hotel riad: was super fancy and beautiful. I even got the all clear to leap from the balcony into the pool by the staff.

Wednesday started with the sounds of birds. I slept hard. Jetlag. Woke up in Marrakech. The architecture was incredible. Like something out of books we read as kids, Arabian nights is REAL..

The hotel was built like a funhouse. Easy to get lost in but every nook and cranny had a new area to explore and things to see and marvel over. We had an incredible buffet breakfast. What a spread. Even a girl making homemade traditional pancakes. And the tea is delicious. We got some cash and climbed into a private bus headed into the atlas mountains on our way to the Sahara. We stopped to visit the village where so many movies were shot, GoT, Prince of Persia, Larence of Arabia, etc... Had a great tour and met a lot of interesting folks. Got to the riad where we were staying halfway to the Sahara by nightfall and had an amazing dinner with so many laughs and then went to the roof to half tea under the stars before retiring to bed in a quaint but creepy room.

The next day.
The rooster crowed at 3am and about every hour reprised this call. Woke and had a wonderful breakfast. Packed up for a long day of driving in the car across the desert to meet up with the people we would be camping with.

The Zion of Morocco. We stopped at a gorgeous deep cut canyon along the route, it looked just like areas of Zion I’d been thru. There were alot of other people, tourists walking along the river side, watercress lined the edge of the water. The rims of the canyon were lined with merchants. I swore i was going to find myself a wizard robe while I was here, and there were sellers of good around every corner, me and RJ ran off before the bus was going to roll out to look at some Djellaba’s and scarves sold by one nearby, the merchant immediately began the haggling starting off so high I started laughing.. $100 usd for a robe? Are you stoned? I countered with an equally insulting offer of 20.. And the games began. By the end of it i was walking back to the bus with him knowing i had $30 hot american dollars in my hand but wasnt about to give up any more and we was chasing me, “ok ok ok yes yes $30” #win

As we got within eyesight of the edge of the Sahara desert RJ, the bus Dj, kicked off Enter Sandman. We arrived and was greeted by our Berber hosts who quickly ushered us into a few Toyota's to rally into the sand reminding me of juniper dunes all the way to a small village of yurt's and Moroccan tents. One with a pool, One with a large dining hall and all the rest containing small living spaces each with an air conditioner, shower, and a bathroom.

We watched the sunset, had a wonderful dinner. Soon after the fire was built in the middle of the tent circle, and the drums started. We danced and somehow I became a member of the band.

I slept great that night. We went early to watch the sunrise, had some tea and snacks and they dressed me in traditional garb, I looked just like one of them. We then climbed on some camels and rode into the desert.


It's been an excrutiating few years. Lotta bullshit. lost my grandad easter morning. Had to face old demons, and leave a large part of my self bleeding.

But you know me, if i keep 9 irons in the fire i dont have time for drama. So thats what I did.. the cornmaze had to be rebuilt, else it would forever be a memory to the valley.. so for three months straight thru the summer i was out there digging the ruins from the dirt and breathing life back into the place, by Halloween it was fully functional and we had a full recruitment of scary souls to make it live. The night before Halloween i had to say goodbye and goodluck, for I was invited to a once in a lifetime journey. to Morocco...


The Armada Proudly Presents: The 18th Annual Ye Olde Pirate Party!!!

It's not just MY party, its OUR party, So if ye have idea's , booty, or something to contribute send me a crow!


This year,the 6th of August, we be gatherin once again to set aside our blades and drink up.

It's invite only so dont be blabbin about, nobody be needin rats on their boat.. but ye are me favorites. So, ye be invited.

@ 5.00pm The Ship sails, the grill be pipin hot (I have a grillmaster this year for our safety), and the lollygagging shall begin ??

@6 We ended up with SO much to give away, that as the night progresses we will give a Raffle box out every hour to help loose the loot! Earlier you come, the better your chances to win! (IF ya wish to partake its $5 for a ticket or $20 for 5) All the tickets in the bucket will get mixed up and names be drawn! .. last year we had 15 winners, an when i say prize ye arms shall be loaded ??

@7:00 It be time for the Test of Skill! A sword duel be held apon the plank, climb up and show us who the greatest swashbuckler be this yeaarrrrrr.. (ta enter ye only need ta be in the raffle)

@ just before sundown (8:00) it'll be the time we find the most charismatic of pirates amongst us ?? it be a test of Clothes! Creativity! as well as Character! Judged by yer own peers we'll roust the two best of the lot! (ta enter ye only need ta be in the raffle)

@ Soon after, don yer dancin shoes for ye shall be joined by some belly dancing and fire twirlin ! Lest Not forget all night we'll have Music, and Tarot Readins bein done by our own local gypsies.. Bring yer snacks and as much grog as ye wish to consume.. And if ye like ta pitch into the food table. please Do!! I'll be creatin a world within our own fer lollygagin'... But remember, if ye not look like one of us, ye'll pay the price. ?? see ye tharr.. And please dont be sailing home drunk off yer tits, plan ahead , camping available for the first scurvy dogs to set up tents ?? [lights out by 12]


Monday came and I had 2 goals.. Get my Money back for this Budge brand car cover that is an utter piece of shit. Its rubber coated tissue paper that barely lastest a year. That was a fruitless pursuit as there was no record anywhere of purchase. So i'll just eat the cost of a new one.

The other goal was to spin the Murder Hornet down to Greiners Radiator to talk options of fixing the leak in my radiator. I was not oppsed to a replacement, as a Full block Aluminum radiator costs around $150. As soon as I pulled up i realized Mark Fogg was there. he was the guy that awarded me best hotrod at the Prescott 21 show, who also has a 318 v8 in his truck, So it was great to hear his advice. But the advice wasnt the best part, next thing was Me climbing in his truck for a spin to his shop wear he dug out a stock radiator for the 318 and gifted it to me hoping it would be a solution.. and i think it is!!

So i went home and started the process of flushing the coolant system, only to quickly discover that the heater core is leaking inside the cab.

Let the Bullshit begin. I'm so frustrated lately. I felt like I opened a giant can of worms. So now the rug is pulled up, towels soaking up the water, Fans going in the cab. Wires everywhere. the fans out. the Rycho Switch is on the ground. Water everwhere. I'm tempted to fuck the flush and just yank the old radiator and begin the fitment of the new one.

I'm so easily overwhelmed lately. I'm trying so hard to just consume myself with small projects that encourages me thru accomplishments. Is it the moon? or is everything really breaking in every direction? ..Fuck.


Today me and mom joined Lon and went to the Prescott Car Show.. and we won a couple of trophies! My Car even Earned its name being the Best Murder Hornet of Show. People LOVED the stories about both the hornet and the 52 buick. Even got recognized by a Local Group, The WW Adventurers as their favorite Hot Rod.


There was a great crash.. i lost alot. data. friends. feelers.. But lets kick it all back into gear with something we know and love. Be Ware.

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