SO many things have gone down since i last updated.. SO sorry for the delay!

Lets start HERE!! The new 2016 Pirate Party Gallery is up! Enjoy!!

I just got back from a Wonderful adventure to the SW with a good friend Ken Wiseman! PICS HERE! Story to follow!

I couldnt be happier with my life lately. been living so hard I havent had time to dwell on it :)


Went sledding a few weeks back with AJ and Annie and all the kids.. and my tailbone hasnt got over it yet :) But I didn't let that stop the merriment and have spent each remaining day gifting, visiting, rocking out to bad religions xmas album and just embracing the holidays. Christmas Eve after Dinner and some games Me and mom took off for a walk to try and track down Stanger and his Musical Bike Brigade.. which i would have been part of if it wasnt for that tailbruise. When we did find him, the whole heard was looking for a lost nut for Stangers outrigger wheel that had came off. I offered to find another nut and took the wheel home. Dad scooped us in the car to speed the rescue and I set to work in the garage reshaping the spacer, and retapping the threads on the outrigger bolt just to make it fit any nut again. We took off once the part was ready and drove around the area with the windows down searching for the slow loud procession, flagged them down and performed bicycle surgery on the road to get them moving. Wasnt a typical lazy holiday night and I went to bed feeling like i somewhat saved a bit of christmas :)

Once i was horizontal and drifting closer to sleep I put this on and listened to it thinking about the morning to follow.


Listen to this.. While you read This

Maximum tilt approaches. We hit the longest night of the year tonight.. and it's 10.30.. I"m contemplating going to sleep.. wtf.. who have i become?
a) It's really 11:30 to those that thing non DST is dumb. :)
b) It's the Longest night of the year.. I'm gonna be so rested.

Happy Solstice to all., And to all a good night :)


Check out this amazing online art machine :) Have fun!!

Happy soltice, we are only a week to maximum tilt, I've been doing alot of crafty things to keep my Hands busy and spending alot of time with me reflecting on the past year. I hope you have been wstaying warm. We are covered in snow and according to the forcast its gonna be in the teens till soltice. Its a good time to buckle in.


Happy Halloween

This Halloween was a blast, everynight for the month of Oct, i watched a scary movie i had never seen and wrote commentary for each. Meanwhile, I worked in the cornmaze thats just outta town, running around in the corn dressed in different costumes every night scaring kids that are trying to find their way out. Some nights it was a hockey mask and coveralls with a machete in hand. One night I had a skin tight skull mask on my head with huge devil horns, spiked gridiron pads a cape and fuzzy "goat legs" pants. it was crazy. even shambling around the last night as azombie was creeping people out. I even went to a Haunted amusement park up north and dropped acid inside to scare the hell out of myself:) it was bonkers. Now its all about getting the house prepped for another winter :P theres candy and decorations everywhere. I went out a few times with groups of friends as The Riddler from batman comics, that was fun running into batmans out there.

For halloween night, we decorated all 3 houses in a row, and since my brother is currently living in Hawaii (cool eh?) So we haunted his house. Left it all dark, and when kids would come up the the porch my friend anne was wearing an old wedding dress and painted her face with blacklight paint. and had blacklights inside the house.. she'd bang on the windows and send them screaming :) I had a big fire on my sidewalk and stewed apple cider for kids. and handed out scares and candy :)

All the leaves have turned and it spent weeks pouring rain.. got sharply cold and alot of leaves fell. now the world is buried in colors. Red maple leaves, gold sycamore, birch sun drops, punkins and gourds on porches. Its pretty cool. Yesterday, to mark the end of the Halloween festivities we blew up my jackolantern i carved this year with Beetlejuice's face.


So this October i'm going to resume my posts of awesome halloweeny things for viewing goodness, this year tho lets delve into the world of film! Last night I watched the new Ghostbusters movies and have to agree with the mass populace.. it was fucking garbage. SO DAY one, lets give a shout out to the 1984 original and absolute supernatural legend.

Night 2 of the halloween months nightly horror film fest.. tonight im joined with my rad friend Stella whos never seen the classic ; the silence of the lambs!

Oct 3rd. the third installment of a journey into the dark side of theater. Tonight, we tried hard not to go into the forbidden woods.. but something came out. The Witch.

Oct 4, I'm testing the functionality with a tv and decided its a great morning for the ghost with the most. But whatever you do, dont say his name 3 times. Beetleguise

5th night. The darkness lifts just a little as we indulge in the memories of 4th grade, the cheese zombies and the chicken nuggets.. and the carnage on the playground. This hilarious tale dives headfirst into a teachers daydream and runs with it in a zombie-eque canter. Cooties

Oct 6th., When a small Aussie metal band finds the lost music pages that detail the Black Hymn.. They soon find that it was more than just a brutal chord progression..Deathgasm

Night 7.. Sometimes whats left behind.. should be left alone.The Remains

Day 8. The bond between twins has an almost supernatural abilty on its own.. but when one wanders into the Suicide forests of Mt. Fufi. her sister comes looking for her. The Forest

night 9. In 1915, 5 girls were burned at the stake on a little island for the crime of witchcraft.. THere was a terrible storm that night, and legend has it that storm brought something evil.. and every 100 years, that evil returns to have its revenge on all the living of that island. The Hollow

Night 10. Following the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren's paranormal investigations, the story leads us to england, where one of the most documented cases of possession take place. Meet some real Ghostbusters. The Conjuring 2

11th Night. The Anasazi were believed to communicate with very powerful spirits.. but they had rituals in place to keep these beings from crossing over into our world..The Darkness

12th night. Its obvious when you look around these days that people are becoming zombies the more they delve into their personal media devices.. but what if... those devices REALLY DID make us zombies..Cell

Night 13. When an orphaned boy gets an unexpected surprise one day, he learns that his parents were not who he thought, and he was more than just an orphaned boy. Delve into the the world of magic with Harry Potter

Night 14. Based on a timeless tale of Ichabod Crane, a young school teacher finds more than he bargained for in the Forests of Sleepy Hollow

Night 15. In tribute for my running amuck in the local maze this year terrorizing the youth.. i give you a classic. Children of the corn

Night 16. When a detective Watches a ghoulish murderer be execute, he thinks its a closed case.. but copy cat murderers begin with a creepy twist. Could it be something from another world? Fallen

Night 17. I seemed so easy. one last heist. He's blind. sitting on a pile of money. no neighbors. But when you judge a book by its cover, you might not understand exactly what story you are getting into.. until its too late. Don't Breathe

Night 18. July 4th, long weekend, a remote cabin reserved in the beautiful pudget sound wilderness, and a group of good friends. Sure, one of them brought some coke, but what could go wrong? .. What if it was laced.. laced with something that drudged the darkest evil within and brought it to reality. What if it wasnt coke.. it was bath salts? The Evil In Us

Night 19. Everytime I turn off the lights.. theres.. this.. woman. Lights out

Night 20. Camp Crystal Lake was full of fond memories until an unfortunate even took place. Years later the revenge of Jason Vorhees is brought to fruition.Friday the 13th

Night 21. A mother is on the run trying to protect her kids from an abusive father.. they never even considered that the place they chose to hide was even worse than what they were hiding from. Sinister 2

Night 22. A classic, but still great. :) Vincent Price has invited a group of random strangers for what appears to be a murder mystery party, stay alive and you could walk away rich. House on Haunted Hill

Night 23. The Walking Dead Season 7 premeired tonight. We gathered together hoping we would see our group of survivors come through such a horrific ambush, only to have our hopes tossed out the window.. i can only hope the rest of the season gets better. Right Hand Man

Night 24. Who DOESNT wanna summon a demon?! ..you get what you wish for. Knucklebones

Night 25. Once you've survived a possession life is a little hard to rebuild.. theres alot of pieces to pick up and a few relationships might be kinda shattered. But theres a support group for that. Ava's Possession's

Night 26. Drip Drip.. When a simple ceiling leak turns into a murder mytery, Jennifer Connelly reaches her wits end trying to protect her child. Dark Water

Night 27. Ghost hunters, in a remote location are trying to find the common reasons behind the haunting of a farm house.. but this one might be the one theyve been searching for.. The Dead Room

Night 28. A family moves into a wonderful new home. The discovery of an old video camera starts out as a fun exploration into who lived here before..but quickly they find the camera shows them more than just the world they can see with the naked eye. Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension

Night 29. Slasher films made their debut back in the early 80s and quickly have become a cult favorite and a halloween custom. But what if you find yourself trapped within the film. How would you survive?! Final Girls

Night 30. one town, 10 stories, all on our favorite night f the year.. Tales of Halloween


describe yourself in 3 characters..


Back from Burning man. 2016

AUg 28. Fell asleep under the stars. Woke to the yipping of coyotes . Its always coldest before the dawn... but not a bad thing when theres a hot springs within walking distance. I floated in the warm water watching the sun crest the hills. Morning :)


CC renuinion in CDA


BABR Water Fight Ride

We biked from sour grapes to downtown.. winding out way thru neighborhoods. Some of which were privvy to our plan and ambushed us en route. The enture way it was an all on all battle with balloons . Squirt guns. Even bags of water


Shambhala 2016 -- It was the last night of shambhala. The fog set in and it cooled quick. The music was loud and incesasntly mediocre. Dan. Brit.. all had cached in for the night I wasnt farther behind them. Headed for the gate out of the city, i was accusted. 2 guys lead by 3 young mollied energectic chickachikwows horseshoed my trail "Omg! You were that Ragedy andy i danced with last night. " 4am came faster than u could imagine. I was losing my daylong battle thru each moment. I woke up too soon. Anytime woulda been too soon. My feet were sore, sure. Throat felt like i inhaled too dirt. Dance floor was raging. And for a final hoorah It better be. But waking uo covered in some girls glitter? It took a solid week to decide if the hit to the immune system was worth it. I dunno which god touched who. But i know it was a long road to recovery and popped out just in time for a city wide water war.

BurningMan 2016 ticket in hand.. this changes things. No more bass camp:( but reprise of the majik!!


Pirate Party went GREAT


The Armada Proudly Presents: The 12th Annual Ye Olde Pirate Party!!!

================YEAR 12===================

This year, the LAST saturday of JULY, we be gatherin once again to set aside our blades and drink up. It's invite only so dont be blabbin about, nobody be needin rats on their boat.. but ye are me favorites. So, ye be invited.

@ 5.00pm The Ship sails, the grill be pipin hot for anything ye be likin ta char, and the lollygagging shall begin :)

@6 We ended up with SO much to give away, that as the night progresses we will give a Raffle box out every hour to help loose the loot! Earlier you come, the better your chances to win!

TheBounty! Weaponry, Booze, Tattoos, Precious Stones, Jewelry, Attire and many other Treasures a Pirate could desire . LootfromBeautifulAftermath, Inkspiration, SoulHenna,ConnectionPhoto,WWCannabisCo., LotekAudio, UpBalloonBotique, SipidBites, CoffeePerk,SkyeGardens, SalonPheonix, Door#2,TheGreen,andSO MUCHmore!
There be at least 10 winners!


@7:00 It be time for the Test of Skill! A sword duel be held opun the plank, climb up and show us who the greatest swashbuckler be this yeaarrrrrr.. (ta enter ye only need ta be in the raffle)

@ just before sundown (8:00) it'll be the time we find the most charismatic of pirates amongst us :) it be a test of Clothes! Creativity! as well as Character! Judged by yer own peers we'll roust the best Bucco, and best Wench! (ta enter ye only need ta be in the raffle)

@ soon after, We'll be chanting out tunes for our ears delight! Get your dancin shoes in order for ye shalll be joined by some belly dancing and fire twirlin!!

@As the clock strikes 10, it marks the time we start divvying up the BOOTY!!!! (IF ya wish to partake its $5 for a ticket or $20 for 5) All the tickets in the bucket will get mixed up and names be drawn! This year marks the year of gold, for i have more loot plunder than any other thus far :) so there nay be 3 prizes.. last year we had 15 winners, an when i say prize ye arms shall be loaded :) When a pirate was injured during duty a larger portion of the spoiled would be divvied their way . SO THIS YEAR For every raffle ticket bought this year of the ye olde party $2 goes solely to me mate Andrea Lowe to help pay for the injuries incurred whilst sailin..

Lest Not forget all night we'll have Music, and Tarot Readins bein done by our own local gypsies..

Bring yer own meats fer the grill n as much grog as ye wish to consume. I'll be creatin a world within our own fer lollygagin'... But remember, if ye not look like one of us, ye'll pay the price. :D see ye tharr..

And please dont be sailing home drunk off yer tits, plan ahead , camping available for the first scurvy dogs to set up tents :) [lights out by 12]

Next year: best 2/3 for the sword fight, and clearer bounderies




Happy Solstice my friends :) Summer is HERE!!

Last night was a full moon and brought in summer with a wild weird night. Santos showed up at our weekly monday training session at Keatings studio and asked ME to stick around after.. joined by ronnie and Frank, we delved into a deeper darker, more mystic side of the Martial way.. It was about 1230 when i got home, ate the fridge and fell asleep dreaming of the wilderness before me.

Jacks solstice party is this weekend, so I'm looking forward to join my friends and really bring in the new summer with great music and an amazing atmosphere. But, come sunday I have to get on the road, cause i'm headed to Juneau to meet Erin and Hunter. THey've been on a Sailing cruise off the coast of alaska this past week, so I'll spend the night with Momma Lisa, which i havent seen her in forever :)) and Jump on the plane monday morning.. Once there, We have alot to do quickly, including buuying the rest of the provisions and licenses we need, as well as a TOPO map and of course find passage to Admiralty Island. The plan is to get dropped off on Young Cove and make our way to the ADmiratly Cove lookout cabin which we've reserved for the entire week. 1600 sq. miles of almost prehistoric wilderness.. and 1600 bears. O_o Lucklily I was able to contact a Forestry Ranger familiar with the area and he assured me the level of safety is nothing to be overly concerned about.. as long as i'm not Ninja quiet, and rubbing myself in salmon guts.. We should be just fine.

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