So there I was, standing at the base of what was probably a 1000 year old tree.. maybe older. The bark told stories that crossed generations. Alan, the shaman of the local Cayuse tribe continued, "This is the vision tree. It's were we leave the ones that need to see into the future. Usually they don't know until we are here.. much like you." At that moment my mind was a buzz. "Is this guy gonna leave me here? I have a knife, crap!.. in the car.. a lighter, in the car. Water? Check on me.. whew.. Flashlight? Car. Can of chili even: CAR. Wtf was I thinking? How many times have I been in situations much more cozy than this, and yet was way over prepared." Yet there I stood, in the situation ripe for what i normally thought myself prepared for without most of the things I'd NEED.

It got me thinking, what WOULD I need to deal with this situation.. not much really. My mind trailed fast, what is neccesity in most situations? This thought sent me into a tangent that I developed for the next few days, and it came down to this;

These are the things that I consider easy accessories to have that would help in a myriad of situations. Anything above these are frosting on the cake. In essence this is what you should at least carry on you daily.

There's a term for this, Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness.

The Bat Belt

So where does one carry these needed daily items? A bag? Pockets? Batman went one step further.. with his Batman Utility Belt. Like a cop, or a military soldier all of the most neccesary items within reach. No hindering bulky pockets, no cumbersome bags. Always on.

When I first went to burning man, i was amused at how many people rocked a utility belt like a bad fashion fad.. By the end of the week, it made more sense than i thought. Crap in your pockets gets heavy, cumbersome and HOT. When its 140 fucking degrees, it aint fun. Backpacks are the same if not tremendously worse. I found i strapped many things i needed to my bike, you never realize how fast you can find yourself miles away from your camp.. But i found it was almost as easy to wander from the bike too. Having things on hand is a luxory that most dont premeditate on. (Try getting something from a pants pocket while sitting.. :P)

I designed my latest belt with this main items in mind first and formost. Try one while camping, or at a concert.. you'll be amazed just how much easier they work than any other carry device.


1st Century Romans created the first folding pocket knife. They made for easy carrying for soldiers and other explorers on their journeys and conquests...


Fire is one of the basic essentials for our survival on this planet. Whether it be for warmth, cooking, light, or a sense of security, humans need fire.


Without light, there is only darkness.


The Swiss Army Hanky

The Belt

Have stuff will carry